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  The River Crossing Puzzle:


To start, push The Big Blue Round Button.     RESTART

To solve, help all eight people cross to the other side of the river while following these Rules:

(1)  Someone must be on the raft to pilot it, but no more than 2 people.

(2)  Children cannot go on the raft without adults.

(3)  Policeman cannot leave Inmate with any other person.

(4)  Mom cannot leave a Girl with Dad.

(5)  Dad cannot leave a Boy with Mom.


TIM: A Mystery Machine:  This is a video capture of a working virtual machine built using the program "The Incredible Machine" (a.k.a. TIM, the "Contraptions" edition).

Play video  Can you explain exactly what this machine is doing?     [A Hint]

Each time a ball rolls onto the seesaw in the lower left corner, causing the second ball to fly up, counts as 1 step. Can you tell in which position each of the other 4 seesaws will be after 100 steps?

KYE: A Maze Game:     Kye is a puzzle game, similar to Sokoban. Here, is you (the main character named Kye); is a diamond (to solve the puzzle, all diamonds must be gathered); is a one-way door (you can only go through it in one direction, but not in the other, in this case all doors let you walk out of the maze, but not back in); is a sticky thing (a magnet), it follows you until you make a turn (or walk through a door); all the grey stuff is just walls, they don't move.

Play video then explain what is going on here.     [A Hint]

If Kye is moving at the speed of 4 steps per second, can you tell approximately how long will it take to solve this puzzle?


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 Homework:  6th grade   7th grade   8th grade

 The Extra Problems:  Complete sets in PDF format:


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